Saturday, April 7, 2012

Maintain Slimness Body After Marriage!

Obesity is a very scary thing for most women in the world. variety of methods are used to obtain the weight and ideal posture.  diet that is too tight it makes the body unhealthy, and often make the condition worse body.

"Obesity is not always bad" words may be a little entertaining but clearly, if the weight is too skinny is not healthy, and if too fat to be susceptible to various diseases.

for married women sometimes look fat does not matter, because there might have been considered. but do not allow a husband to his wife did not want to still look attractive even if married, your husband is actually the more unfortunate as you still look attractive and did not rule your husband would rather spend his free time at home.  it also avoids the risk of having an affair husbands.

There are several ways for a woman, to maintain and streamline the body naturally, without consuming the variety of drugs or surgery, and without side effects.

First. for a married woman, Assume you are single.
Keep in mind that you are single, and will make every effort to attract the attention of men, one of them by keeping the body that still looks ideal.

Single women are generally very concerned about the appearance of the body, especially the weight problem. Make sure you use a pair of jeans as a young girl used to fit on your body at this time.

Second. Fill your own tastes first

Most women are already married, just cook what she likes her partner, and most of them indulged her husband by making a tasty and delicious cuisine, full of cholesterol and fat.

As a result, women who rarely eat food like that over time will carry over. Indulgent husband is fine, but you should meet first taste of yourself and it helps introduce healthy foods to your husband.

Third. Apply rules healthy in the home.

Applying the rules of healthy at home will keep her from stress, which can trigger excessive eating.

Make sure the stock of fruits and vegetables in the refrigerator, limit the time to watch TV and make a schedule of activities and sports with a partner. You can schedule an exercise with the children.

And the last one Seek the help of

If you feel less happy and have a problem with co-workers, friends and other situations, not too often run on chocolate or ice cream to soothe your feelings, because it makes your body without realizing it wide to the side.

Find someone who can make you calm. If the husband can not, look for your other friend or come to your psychology experts and consult with them.

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